Photo by Amina Gingold, 2018

Photo by Amina Gingold, 2018

I paint to pay homage to the characters and lifestyles for which I yearn. Though the paintings are undeniably exaggerated and fantastical, they are a direct result of the small-town, blue-collar, Americana environment in which I grew up and continue to remain so strongly connected to. Similar to the folklore that is passed around such settings, the paintings are neither past nor present, fact nor fiction, right nor wrong, but more so a combination of it all.

On a technical level, I am interested in the distortion of space and narrative via the endless possibilities of painterly mark making. Through the juxtaposition of style, technique, and medium, as well as the abandonment of perspective, scale, and focus, the work begs the viewer to slow down and analyze the image piece by piece, bit by bit, in order to fully appreciate or understand the whole. Like individual sentences coming together to form a flowing paragraph, so to can the marks of the airbrush, paint roller, spatula, and collage coexist on canvas in the creation of a single narrative.   

b. 1990 Syracuse, NY
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

University of Vermont – Burlington, VT
       o BA with Honors, Studio Art
       o Presidential Scholarship recipient

PLOP Residency – London, UK

Vermont Studio Center – Johnson, VT
       o Roger Smith Artist Fellowship recipient
Sam and Adele Golden Foundation℠ for the Arts, Inc. – New Berlin, NY

Recent Solo Exhibitions
Happy To Be Here — Deli Grocery New York; Brooklyn, NY
It’s a New Life For Me — ChaShaMa Port Authority; New York, NY
Color and Context – Roger Smith Hotel; New York, NY
Freaks and Geeks – Chinatown Soup; New York, NY

Recent Group Exhibitions
A Mundane Muse – Nonfinito Gallery; New York, NY
Made In Paint – Golden Artist Colors; New Berlin, NY
Greener — Superchief Gallery; Queens, NY
Sound – Superchief Gallery; Queens, NY
No Joke – Superchief Gallery; Queens, NY

Press and Publications

Sasha Bogojev, “Happy To Be Here: Hunter Potter Reimagines the Emoji and Harvey Ball in Brooklyn”, Juxtapoz Magazine, September 2019.
ArtMaze Magazine, Issue 11 Editorial Selection. 2019. Page 143, print.
Maria Vogel, “Artist Interview: Hunter Potter”, Art of Choice, August 2018.
Stacey Rowe, "Soaking it all in, The Swan Dive's splashing visuals", (585) Magazine, July 2018.
Taj Alexander, “Hunter Potter: Abstract Painter”, The Open Canvas Podcast, February 2018.